What is the value of a logo?

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One of the first questions I am often asked when approached by a potential client about designing a logo is "How much does a logo cost?" To answer their question, I first provide a consultation during which I determine the value that they intend to receive from their logo design for their company and what is required in order to provide a design that is suitable to achieve that value.

5 ways to improve the consistency and effectiveness of your brand’s visual identity

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A solid brand is an essential component to any business and can often be the deciding factor for whether your potential customers decide to do business with you or a competitor. Conducting a thorough examination of your brand’s visual elements and how they are being utilized should be conducted every few years in order to ensure they remain consistent and holistic.

6 steps to creating a successful logo design

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A good logo can help customers easily identify a brand and associate a product with a brand's identity. A good logo can be the basis for an entire corporate identity package, helping to unify 
a company's collateral, packaging, advertising and web presence. A good logo is crucial to the success of a company. The following are important steps to take when developing a new logo for 
a client.