WordPress Website Audit

Expert WordPress website analysis to provide you with suggestions, based on research, for how to improve the performance, SEO, usability, and brand consistency of your WordPress website.

Want to improve your website but don’t know where to start?

Is your website not appearing in any search results or not converting as many leads as it could be? Are pages slow to load or is it difficult to navigate and find information? Does the design or copy not quite match the style of your company’s brand? A WordPress website audit will provide you with a list of all the areas that your website could see improvements, plus recommendations for how those improvements can be made. Your website’s analytics will first be reviewed to determine how well it is achieving its goals and as a baseline to measure all future improvements. Then, after a thorough assessment of your website’s speed & performance, SEO, design, content, and usability, you will receive a comprehensive report of updates that can be made in order to maximize your website’s potential.

Google Analytics Report Analysis and Benchmarking

An overview of your analytics will be done to determine how well it is meeting its conversion goals and to provide a baseline with which to measure progress.


A standard security check will be conducted to determine if malware is present or if your domain is blacklisted, plus a review to determine if your website meets standard best practices for WordPress website security.

Speed & Performance

Fast page loading time is essential to improve your visitor’s experience and rank higher on Google. You will receive an analysis of your website’s speed and performance and a list of recommendations for improvements.


Recommended updates will be provided for how to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of your website in search engines like Google.

Design & Branding

Your website is the central hub for all of your branding and marketing efforts. Because of this, it needs to maintain a consistent look, sound and feel like all of your other branded materials. A thorough analysis will be conducted of key marketing pages design and content to determine their consistency and relevancy to your brand design and messaging.


Several areas of your website will be reviewed to determine how intuitive it is to use and how well it is design to meet the goals for your target audience. A review will also be done to determine if it meets basic website accessibility standards.

Website Information Architecture

The overall structure and organization of your website’s content will be analyzed to ensure you meet your business goals while delivering a great experience for your users.


Website content is the text, imagery, videos, audio and graphics that make up the user’s experience. You will receive a report outlining how well you are utilizing your website’s content and how effective it is at marketing to your target audience.

After the WordPress website audit is completed, I will meet with you to thoroughly review all findings and suggestions for how to improve your website in all of the key areas addressed in the audit. Afterward, you can use the report to make the updates yourself, or I can offer you a proposal for implementing the recommended updates.