UI/UX, website and logo design for messaging application.

Design Brief

MALT (Messaging with Automatic Language Translation) is a web application that makes it fast and simple to chat with anyone in any language without the need to jump back and forth from a translation tool. The owner and lead developer of MALT hired me to help design the front end UI and to improve the overall user experience of the application. A landing page to display information about features and pricing was also required, as well as a logo design and visual identity guide.


I began working with MALT by conducting extensive market and competitor research. I then designed and provided copywriting for the promotional landing page to be used for information and pricing as well as links to log in to the application. I created a logo design and visual identity brand guideline to be utilized for future design and marketing materials. For the application design, I used a Bootstrap messenger template for the front end with a modified user interface design.