SoleStretch Website

WordPress and WooCommerce website design for medical device.

Design Brief

SoleStretch is a medical device that is used to properly stretch the foot and leg in order to alleviate pain from Plantar Fasciitis. The owner and inventor wanted a website redesign that better appealed to the company’s target customer and showcased the product. He also wanted to add features for ecommerce with pricing option for wholesale customers, forms and CRM integrations to reduce time spent on managing customer inquiries, and a blog to create content for generating inbound leads through search.


I utilized WooCommerce and WooCommerce addons to develop a completely customizable ecommerce solution. This included
WooCommerce Catalog, Checkout and Product page designs, payment gateway, taxes and shipping zones configuration, email marketing integration for customer purchases, shipping fulfillment integration, integrated affiliates management system for co-marketing, and wholesale account option for bulk purchases.

I also included marketing and customer management integrations such as a Blog to create content for inbound marketing, Email Opt-in forms for lead generating marketing funnels, and  CRM integration with contact forms for collecting and managing customer contacts.