Legacy Wealth Holdings

Website design for a real estate investment company.

Design Brief

I originally worked worked with Legacy Wealth Holdings when they were CLE Turnkey to redesign their wesbsite with the goal of more accurately depicting their company’s brand and services. They also wanted to utilize a blogging platform for their content marketing and to generate more inbound traffic to their website.

I was contracted to work with them again shortly after they rebranded as Legacy Wealth Holdings to help create an online registration process that involved contract signature and affiliates commission tracking for workshop, networking event and webinar attendees. They also wanted to connect their forms to various email marketing and contact management systems to better track and correspond with their leads and customers.

Finally, they wanted to move all their documents and videos from their shared Google Drive account that they were using for their “Legacy Family” mastermind members to a custom vault that members could access from their website.


For the original website redesign, I began the process by reevaluating the website’s architecture and completely rewriting all of the copy throughout, adding new pages to highlight their company’s history and team as well as new landing pages for all of their individual services. A new design was also created to better reflect the current direction of their company’s brand. Combined with their social media marketing, their website’s search rankings and traffic steadily improved and served as a solid foundation for future digital marketing efforts.

The second round of development involved integrating WooCommerce as well as various other plugins to integrate advanced signup forms, esignature and affiliates management to create a fully featured online events management system. The additions to their site has saved them countless hours of manually managing event registrations and followups with attendees to track down payments and contract signatures. I also integrated the Elementor page editor plugin to allow for easier continued website content updates and event registration and marketing pages.

Finally, I custom developed a member portal that their Legacy Family mastermind and Commercial Empire webinar attendees could access after registering and paying through the website. Their portal provides access to pages that include information for their members, a document and videos vault, and affiliate referral link creation. Membership forms include options one-time payments for webinars as well as recurring subscriptions for their mastermind. Features also include the use of promotional codes and membership upgrades.

“Jason is an all-star developer.  He’s a class act, great at simplifying the technical aspects of web design, and takes ownership of the process to be respectful of a busy entrepreneur’s time.  His design offers both functional & aesthetic value — I’ve had a huge boost in traffic to my site and countless compliments on the design.  I highly recommend his work, and have referred him to several other business owners. Tim Bratz, President, Legacy Wealth Holdings