Exactus Advisors

Website design for a boutique advisory firm.

Design Brief

Exactus Advisors wanted their website redesigned in order to better align with their brand and appeal to their target customer. They also wanted their website reorganized and rewritten in order to help visitors to better comprehend services and benefits of working with them. They also wanted to implement a blogging platform in order to help increase traffic and generate leads through an inbound marketing strategy.


We developed a new website utilizing WordPress as a platform to serve as a basis for further marketing efforts to promote Exactus Advisors’ services online.

We started the process by evaluating and improving the website’s architecture. Afterwards, we repositioned content and revised the structure of the website in order to better communicate Exactus Advisors’ services to their target customer. We also evaluated and improved the website’s marketing copy by quickly and effectively develop compelling marketing copy and calls to action to better communicate and appeal to Exactus Advisors’ target customer.

Finally, the website’s design was evaluated and updated  in order to better align with the company’s brand and appeal to its target customer.


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Case Studies

Exactus Advisors case studies