Corrolytics Website

WordPress website design for gas and pipeline corrosion testing kit

Design Brief

Corrolytics is an innovative technology startup company based on over a decade of groundbreaking research to solve corrosion problems for assets in the oil and gas industry. The owner wanted a website redesign that better appealed to the company’s target customer as well as potential investors. He also wanted help with clarifying his brand messaging and developing the company’s visual identity design to better differentiate their product from their competitors. They also wanted a different platform that allowed for greater customization and features as their website evolves.


Prior to beginning the redesign, I provided the client with  worksheets for developing customer personas in order to help determine the most effective design, content and user experience for their specific target audience. I then applied their answers from the customer persona questionnaire as well as other documents they had previously created for submitting investor proposals to the Storybrand framework. This helped to organize the different elements of their messaging into a clear and compelling story arc directed towards addressing the specific needs of their target audience in relation to their product.

I then created a unique design that helped to set their business apart from their competitors and appeal to their specific target audience. To ensure that the website continues to maintain brand consistency, I created a website design guidelines document that provided information for keeping consistent design and content across all current and new pages.

The website utilizes WordPress and the Divi theme and page builder for faster development and easier ongoing updates to page content. Additional plugin installation and hosting configuration for each website was installed in order to include additional features to improve security, speed and optimization,  SEO, analytics, and email delivery from forms.

Finally, I provided training on how to edit website content, create blog posts, and manage features on the website as well as an ongoing maintenance and support plan for continued updates and monitoring of the website.

Corrolytics website - mobile
Corrolytics website - laptop