Consolidus Website

WordPress website design for promotional products company.

Design Brief

Consolidus is an online solution for organizations purchasing promotional products. They needed a website redesign in order to improve their messaging to better identify and appeal to target customers and the problems they are looking to solve with their branded promotional items ordering process. They also wanted to better display case studies and testimonials from their current and past clients in order to more effectively demonstrate credibility and enhance trust from potential customers. Another primary goals was to promote Consolidus as a top place to work in Cleveland in order to attract new talent to their company. Finally, they wanted to focus on incorporating solid technical SEO strategies in order to increase inbound traffic and leads from qualified potential customers.


The process of redesigning their website began with developing customer personas in order to help determine an effective design, content and user experience that is geared towards their specific target audience. These customer personas were then utilized with a Storybrand formula to help clarify the copywriting for the website by breaking down different elements of their messaging into a clear and easy to digest story arc that is both compelling and effective.

Other goals that were achieved:

  • Prominently displayed content that demonstrates experience and builds credibility with potential customers such as customer testimonials, case studies, awards and credentials
  • Created a Blog to post company news, events and educational articles in order to establish trust and position the company as experts and though-leaders as well as gave potential customers the information they need to do business with them
  • Determined conversion goals for each page and added clear calls to action throughout the website to guide visitors towards each conversion goal such as contact form submission or email list signup for future email marketing campaigns
Consolidus web page
Consolidus web page
Consolidus web page

Krysti Horvat, Director of Design at Consolidus