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Create your own niche online training website, specifically tailored to your audience. Market and deliver your online training with fully customizable Worpdress websites and Learning Management System plugins. The perfect solution for trainers, educators and content experts who want to develop their own online training platform to supplement their in-person training.

Everything you need to affordably manage and promote your online courses.

Experienced WordPress LMS Consultation & Guidance

WordPress website design with LearnDash LMS integration and course configuration, plus online marketing tools and training to promote and sell your courses online.

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Online Learning WordPress Website Design FAQ

How much does an online learning WordPress website cost?

Standard WordPress LMS websites typically cost between $750 for a DIY template installation, $2,500 for a semi-custom website design, and $6,000+ for a fully custom WordPress LMS website design built specifically for your brand.

A custom quote may be provided for businesses that need additional services in order to create a more effective web presence or have requirements for additional features not included as a standard option. Examples of this may be Custom WordPress theme, plugin or website application development, professional search engine optimized copywriting, or content marketing strategy.

How long does it take to create a website?

A DIY website template installation can take up to 1 week. Typical business website design and development takes around 2-3 months, although some may take longer or shorter depending on specific criteria and the size or complexity of the features for the website. A timeline estimate is provided for each website design proposal after I meet with you to discuss your goals.

What is the process for designing a website?

The process for each website design may vary slightly based on the criteria, however there are typically 6 main phases for a custom website design.

  1. Website design consultation and proposal
  2. Website copywriting
  3. Website architecture and wireframe developement
  4. Website design mockups
  5. WordPress website development, plugin installation and configuration
  6. Installation of website on hosting

I will contact you after each phase of design and development to review and determine and requested revisions prior to moving on to the next phase.

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